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Traffic Policing are services which will always be in demand.  Policing is now considered a science, and people who want to make a career in this field need to equip themselves with the specialised knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed in this field.

A Diploma in Traffic Policing will give you the chance to make a positive impact in our society.  This course will enable traffic officers to begin or advance their career by providing them with knowledge and skills specific to their field. Having efficient and competent managers within the field of law enforcement environment is essential in creating a system that will benefit the people of South Africa.

This is Africa’s leading programme in the field of traffic policing practice.

Career Opportunities: On completion of National Diploma in Traffic you will be qualified to work in:-

*Metropolitan Police Officer 

*Provincial Traffic Inspector 

*Traffic/Police Officer

*Municipal Law Enforcement Officer


National Certificate - 1 Year
National Diploma - 2 Years​

The National Diploma Policing is registered on the SAQA database and it is accredited by the Safety and Security (SASSETA). Hence, upon successful completion you will receive a national diploma policing.

The National Diploma Policing programme consists of a two year learning programme towards the National Diploma Policing. The qualification consists of four semesters with an exit after you finish two semesters. The next exit will be the National Diploma Policing after the second year is completed, you are qualified to work in SAPS/Metro.

Career Opportunities: On completion of National Diploma Policing you will be qualified to work in:-
*Areas of Security & surveillance,
*Private Security,
*Metropolitan Police,
*Community Policing
*National Intelligence.
*Private Investigation

*Forensic Expert


National Diploma - 2 years